Samsung’s 30 million and continued patent war with Apple

Samsung today announced two important things: selling a total of 30 million smartphones Galaxy S and Galaxy S II and slandering its eternal rival (and customer) in Japan and Australia. Which one is more pleased with you?

The Cellular News portal reportedly surpasses the limit of 30 million Galaxy S sales and Galaxy S II by Samsung. These smartphones are not only some of the best Android devices on board, but also the fastest-growing gadgets in general.

Galaxy S had its premiere last year, and since then it has acquired less than 20 million people worldwide. His successor, the Galaxy S II smartphone, a few weeks ago, was able to boast half of this result in much shorter time. SGS2 will beat the sales record of the first SGS if Samsung will not release another superSmartphone before the time comes.

However, this is not the end of the message (self-assessment or good) from the Korean electronics manufacturer. Samsung Electronics has also announced lawsuits against Apple in Blooming Country and Australia (the same one in which SGS2 has recently sold two dollars).

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