Samsung will design a processor for Tesla

Samsung has just signed an agreement with Tesla Motors for a processor vendor for autonomous cars. The Korean giant designs and manufactures systems that meet the needs of the American manufacturer.

As one of the first automakers, Tesla Motors introduced a semi-autonomous driving system called Autopilot in its vehicles. The technology is not perfect, but it can work quite well and fully self-drive while driving on highways, recognizing signs, detecting other cars and changing lanes.

Tesla wants to go much further and work on fully autonomous driving systems that it plans to launch in the next few years. The Samsung group, which has just signed a contract for the supply of processors for such cars, will help to implement this idea.

The Korean giant will design a new layout according to the specification provided by Tesla, and will then manufacture it. But sources say the deal is long-term, so before the mass production of the new processor goes, it will take at least three years. It takes a while to create a new processor.

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