Samsung plans a smartphone with a double-curved display

Last year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note Edge, featuring a curved display at the edge of the case. This year, the Korean concern can go even further and offer the consumer a product equipped with a screen that will be curved on both sides of the device.

The company has not yet announced specific plans for implementing this idea but it is already known that it may have something to do with plans. This would confirm the latest patent discovered by editors of Patently Mobile.

The application describes a device with a double-curved screen over both sides of the device, an extension of the idea known from the Galaxy Note Edge, where the screen is located on only one side.

The patent does not accurately describe how to use such a curved screen, but one can assume that both of its pages will function as additional displays, presenting additional information depending on what the smartphone is used for. The menu icons, camera control buttons, music player controls, etc. can be found there.

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