Samsung has its own test track for autonomous cars

Korean Samsung, a well-known manufacturer of consumer electronics and household appliances, has also recently joined the group of companies working on autonomous vehicle technologies. Together with the BMW Group works on computer control systems, and their testing is performed on a special track owned by Samsung.

Some companies working on autonomous vehicles have already obtained approval for testing prototypes on public roads, but a significant portion still uses test centers and closed route sections. On this issue, Samsung has a pre-eminence over its rivals, which recently also announced the launch of autonomous cars. Although the Korean giant does not intend to produce cars independently, it has started working with the Bavarian company BMW, which aims to develop a brain that controls the work of such vehicles as well as new, more efficient batteries.

Samsung also works with BMW and Panasonic, with whom it develops intelligent assistants for future car models. They will recognize the driver’s voice and respond to his commands in the same way as Siri or Cortana do. The three companies are also working on voice recognition technology, which can also be used in future vehicles.

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