Samsung Gear VR will tell a goodbye story

Once-a-day fairy tales told their parents their children. The development of modern technology has made parents no longer needed to do so, because it is enough to have a VR kit. There will also be a special Bedtime VR Stories app developed by Samsung for Gear VR.

Parents increasingly struggling with work, do not always have the time to sit down for a while and read the baby good night, and sometimes they can not do so because they are in the delegation, for example. Fortunately, they can do this task to get the latest technology, more precisely Gear VR, a set of virtual reality developed by Samsung.

The well-known manufacturer has created Bedtime VR Stories for its equipment, which allows parents to tell children fairy tales, even if they are far from them. Parents and babies need to put on VR headsets, and then launch a dedicated smartphone application that will take them to the virtual reality world.

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