Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 Full Screen?

In a few days will come 2015, which will certainly bring new devices as well as technological solutions used in them. Most of them will be available in early January, during CES in Las Vegas, and perhaps the latest tablet model of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 will also be there.

Rumors have circulated for some time, saying that Samsung is working on another Galaxy Tab 5 variant that would have a 10-inch screen. The Korean giant has come a long way with this idea, as more and more tablet manufacturers are working on bigger screen devices, and plans are for Apple and Sony to launch 12-inch display devices.

Reports of a new Samsung product spread the Zauba website, which tracks the import of various products into India, claiming that the model labeled SM-T555 has been shipped to a country where it will be further developed and tested. The customs documents show that the value of the device is $ 350. This does not mean that you will have to pay for it when it hits the store shelves.

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