Samsung Galaxy S3 explosion recorded on film

Smartphones that can explode literally at any moment, however, do not often have the opportunity to see the very moment of hardware destruction that is very effective. This time we were lucky because Samsung Galaxy S3 explosion, which took place in one of the Thai banks, managed to register in the film.

Not every smartphone user knows he carries a bomb in his pocket that can explode at any time, causing a lot of bodily injury. Although such situations are rare, the media occasionally inform the explosion of another copy and sometimes it even ends with the burning of the apartment when the owner is not nearby.

Typically, such incidents happen after the fact, and the moment of explosion is seen only for direct witnesses of the incident. This time, however, we were lucky, because Samsung Galaxy S3 erupting in the Thai bank Krung Thai Bank, was recorded with a surveillance camera.

As you can see in this video, the device was in the cabinet under the counter and during the explosion a pretty big fire column appeared. The incident did no harm except for the destruction of the equipment itself and the case in which it was stored. However, if he was in his pants pocket or purse at the moment, he could have hurt his body.

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