Samsung Galaxy Note 4 makes the best pictures?

Many of us buying a new smartphone are primarily driven by the technical specifications of the built-in camera. Especially if we are going to use it most of the time to take pictures. If you are looking for a new device and the most important criterion for you is the quality of photography, then select Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which according to the Internet users have the best camera.

PhoneArena site editors have recently called. “Blind test” to identify the smartphone with the best camera on the market. The test consisted of posting a few photos in the network, without any information about what equipment was made. The task of the readers was to choose the photos themselves, which in their opinion are characterized by the best quality.

Most of them considered the best photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which received 42.98 percent of all votes. Second place with a very big difference was the iPhone 6, which received 22.32 percent of the vote. Third place podium also fell to Samsung equipment, namely the model Galaxy S5, which was selected 11.72 percent of readers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (11.31 percent), Xperia Z3 (7.02 percent) and LG G3 (4.64 percent) took the next positions.

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