Samsung blocks the ability to change functions for the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung wants Bixby assistant to use as many people as possible. The company has just announced that it has blocked the ability to change functions for its associated button. The limitation came after the network had received software to reprogram its operation.

With the launch of smartphones Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + Samsung also announced a new user assistant, Bixby. Devices have received a special button to activate it, but it is easy to guess that not every owner of one of the leading models wants to use a virtual helper. Particularly considering the fact that it only works in English and Korean (plans for the near future is to add support for Spanish and Chinese).

However, there is already an application available on the network that allows you to change the Bixby button. This is a big improvement because it can be associated with a camera, for example. Unfortunately, Samsung just blocked this possibility.

It is unknown what the manufacturer has decided to do with this type of restriction, but it is easy to imagine that it is Bixby’s popularity. The button could be used to activate, for example, a Google assistant who is a direct competitor to a Korean helper. From now on, it will only be for one solution.

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