Saints Row 2 free on GOG

We also premiere newer parts without DRM. Deep Silver has introduced Sains Row IV: Game of the Century and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. For this occasion also prepared an interesting surprise – anyone interested can add to their account Sains Row 2 game. But hurry, because the promotion is limited time.

To get a free copy of Sains Row 2 just click on the appropriate banner on the homepage or go to the product page and simply add the title to the shopping cart. It is important to do this within the next 48 hours, because after that time the promotion will not be available. But this is not all new.

As we mentioned, Sains Row IV: Game of the Century Edition and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, now available in unprotected versions. In addition, all Saints Row titles available at discounted prices, so if you do not own one, you can easily catch up.

At the very end it is worth mentioning that the Volition studios went to GOG Connect. So if you have your own Steam account titles: Saints Row 2, Saints Row 3 Full Package, Saints Row IV: Game of the Century or Saints Row: Gat out of Hell you can add them also free GOG. Just that your profiles on both platforms will be related.

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