Safe Kingston’s pendrives

Kingston Digital has unveiled two new models of business-grade pendrives. The IronKey D300 and D300 Managed have advanced data protection mechanisms that effectively protect them from unauthorized access.

Data can be extremely valuable, so it is important to protect them, especially when transporting. Kingston Digital has created two new storage media models that will ensure our files are secure.

The IronKey D300 and D300 Managed products are secure pendrives with advanced encryption technology. These are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 as well as hardware 256-bit AES. Additional zinc enclosures and zinc-plated enclosures are waterproof to a depth of 120 cm.

The manufacturer also has systems that provide protection against malware, as well as software that blocks unauthorized access, blocks media and formats it. Additional security in the D300 Managed is the IronKey EMS key, purchased separately.

Both media have a USB 3.0 interface and are available in capacities ranging from 4 to 128 GB. Data read speed is 250 MB / s, while writing up to 40 MB / s.

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