Safari with Google Maps

Modern technology allows us to travel the world without moving from a comfortable chair. One of the most popular virtual travels is Google Maps, which has enriched its Kruger National Park park, located in South Africa, where we can see wildlife in their natural habitat.

South Africa is a place to visit. Not everyone can afford to be there personally, but fortunately modern technology lets you avoid this obstacle and make a virtual trip. This is a great opportunity because in the popular Google Maps service appeared Kruger, one of the most famous local national parks.

A user sitting in front of a computer monitor can explore exotic locations and look at wild animals in their natural environment. The virtual tour also allows you to climb the Table Mountains from where you can enjoy views of Cape Town, one of Africa’s largest cities.

You can also visit Sandy Bay, Clifton Beach and Sunset Beach, as well as visit the Durban Golden Mile. To get there, just go to this – / 2016/03 / link and you can start your exotic journey.

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