Russians want to have their own space station

The International Space Station officially ends its operation in 2024. This does not mean, however, that the hanging structure above our heads will be immediately removed from the orbit. On the contrary. Russians want to use their modules as a basis for the construction of a new space station that will belong entirely to them.

The International Space Station is a huge project implemented by many countries around the world. NASA (USA), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), CSA (Canada) and ESA, several European countries that provided technology and funded the construction of modules, were involved in the construction. The first ISS module began operation on October 31, 2000, and its service will end in 2024.

This does not mean that after that time all of its elements will fall into the ocean. The Russians have quite different plans towards the station and intend to keep their own modules that will be used to build their own base. It would be the successor to Mir, which was abandoned many years ago.

A few days ago, Yuri Koptev, director of the Russian Space Agency, confirmed Roscosmos plans to send manned spaceflight flights from 2030. To do so requires a space station, so the Russians will use ISS until 2024, and then recover their own modules that are part of it and use it to build a completely new station. These are the node modules (UMs), the universal laboratory module (MLM) and the laboratory power module (NEM).

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