Russian hackers broke into the Pentagon

CBS journalists reached compromise for US military information, which shows that Russian hackers broke into the Pentagon. The campaign last year allowed them to take over the entire e-mail system.

American computer systems have a long history of vulnerabilities that allow hackers to easily enter servers and steal data. Examples include hacking into the Sony Pictures network, as well as double hacking into Yahoo, where hackers have recently stolen more than one billion users.

But how much hacking into private business systems could be understood, so many military servers should be much better protected. And certainly hackers should not be going to break into the Pentagon, the seat of the command of the US armed forces.

Meanwhile, as reported by the American CBS, last year Russian hackers broke into the local computer network and took over the entire e-mail distribution system. Admiral Mike Rogers, NSA director, confirmed that cybercriminals managed to take control of him for an hour.

This system was used by the Joint Staff Command Staff, which has about 3500 civilian and military personnel. He assured, however, that emails sent via email did not have any intelligence value, as there was no secret information there. Hackers managed to get into the password and electronic signature of one Pentagon employee who was then used to access the network.

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