Russian hacker was jailed for stealing $ 170 million

The hacker will spend almost 30 years in prison. The cybercriminal was arrested three years ago in the Maldives. The police secured a computer with a 500 card payment and credit card details, mostly US citizens.

On the disk of the device, there was also evidence that Seleznev was hacking into medium and large companies, and found the information used to steal funds in the accounts. Total from 2009 to 2013, he stole 170 million dollars.

The prosecution has put 40 charges on the hacker. Roman Seleznev has been convicted of internet fraud, identity theft and confidential data trading, among other things. The jury decided that the man would spend 27 years in jail from the 30 prosecutors.

It is worth mentioning that Roman Seleznev is the son of Russian politician Valery Seleznev. The verdict was commented by representatives of the Russian government. They consider that a man has been sentenced unlawfully because the arrest took place in a third country. In that case it should be transported to Russia rather than to the United States. The hacker himself, through his lawyer, said that the verdict was a message to Vladimir Putin and was politically motivated.

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