Resurrecting people will be possible in 30 years

Eternal life is certainly the dream of millions of people around the world, so that they can gain more knowledge, explore the world, etc. For now, such a vision is limited to science fiction films, but maybe in 30 years we will have the technology to resurrect people.

Humai says that in about 30 years, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, technology can be developed to resurrect the deceased. Of course, it would not be literally the resurrection of the dead and we are not talking about animating decaying bodies and creating zombie films.

The idea of ​​the company assumes only the transfer to an artificially grown human brain, previously frozen with cryogenic technology. Then, using nanotechnology, the repair of damaged brain cells would take place, and by the way, they would be greatly improved. It is a separate matter to prepare a new body, but this would be solved by cloning.

For now, you see, the implementation of this plan will fall into a very distant future and do not know if it will ever succeed. Humai is a very small company, employing only five people. One of the staff is dealing with Artificial Intelligence, two general studies, another with bionics and sensors, and the last is also SI and nanotechnology.

The problem may also be research funding, because although Humai has its own financial resources for the time being, it will not last long and representatives of companies say they will find more money in the coming months.

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