Radeon RX 540 – specification

Did the low-budget GPUs not have to extinction? AMD’s next-generation RX 500 graphics card, the Radeon RX 540, It has been added even though AMD has not officially announced this product yet.

This is not yet certain, but it is assumed that the Radeon RX 540 is an OEM product. We already know that the RX 540 has a GPU with eight computing units, with 512 stream processors, 32 texture units and 16 ROPs. In this respect, the RX 540 seems to be the same as the RX 550. The differences are visible in the memory subsystem.

The Radeon RX 540 is expected to be available in versions with GDDR5 memory up to 4GB. Like the RX 550, there is also a 128-bit interface that connects RAM to the GPU. However, the RX 540 has a bandwidth of 96 GB / s, while the RX 550 is 112 GB. The Radeon RX 540 GPU has a clock of 1219 MHz, so its maximum is slightly higher than the RX 550 (1183 MHz).

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