Radar for cyclists warns against vehicles

A cyclist traveling on the road is especially exposed to collisions with passing cars, and in the fight with them there is no chance. Although modern technologies installed on decks of new cars reduce their number, but users of two-wheelers may need additional solutions to protect their lives.

Costelo has created something that can significantly improve their situation. Its engineers have developed the Cotlo Corvus intelligent bike, which features a radar warning system for oncoming cars. A radar unit is installed in the frame, which scans the space around the bike, then on the steering wheel’s OLED screen, shows where the car is and how fast it is approaching.

The system additionally provides bicyclists with information on the speed at which they travel, how far they have passed and how many calories burned, which is useful for people who use a paddle to take care of their physical condition. The bike also has a built-in GPS that works with the smartphone and with the steering wheel vibration. , Indicates the direction of travel.

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