Qualcomm: First PC with ARM and Windows 10 in the fourth quarter of 2017

But do not expect too many such products. Microsoft and Qualcomm work closely together to support ARM chips in Windows 10. In the future, mobile computers will be sold with such systems and operating under the control of the Redmond company system. We learned that we should expect them at the earliest in the last quarter of this year.

For now, standard Windows 10 only works with x86 processors. According to hardware manufacturers, this is a problem, because it limits the potential for introducing new products, including 2-in-1 tablets and devices. That’s why Microsoft has teamed up with Qualcomm. The latter has just revealed that the first Snapdragon 835 and Windows 10 computers will be available in stores by the end of this year.

Interesting are the same assumptions of such a device. The device would be constantly connected to the network, just like a regular smartphone. You do not have to worry about the communication modules themselves, as you know, the above-mentioned Qualcomma chip offers both Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11ad (standard WiGig, 60 GHz band). The Adreno 540 graphics system should handle multimedia playback, and maybe even simpler games.

Qualcomm claims that at least initially we should not expect too many ARM devices running Microsoft. The company wants to see if these types of products will enjoy the interest at all. Interestingly, according to the company, there will be no problem running standard applications. As stated, during the tests, the Snapdragon 835 computer normally fired, among others. Photoshop for x86 processors. The advantage of ARM chips is that it has a very long battery life. According to Qualcomma, no currently available 2-in-1 devices with Intel chips will be able to match them in this respect. We wait for the first products and hope they will be as good as the American chipmaker claims.

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