Qualcomm can pay another penalty

After the gigantic fine that Qualcomm has to pay to the Chinese government in the antitrust settlement, South Korea has become a known mobile processor manufacturer. There was also an investigation proceeding, which may also end up with the need to pay another compensation.

A few days ago, an investigation into China ended with Qualcomm, one of the largest vendors of mobile processors in the market. Investigators from the Commerce Commission have proven it to abuse the dominant market position and have paid almost $ 1 billion in fines. Although this will not lead to bankruptcy, it can seriously affect your annual financial results.

However, it turns out that the billions of dollars may not end. The media are informing Qualcomm’s next problems, this time in South Korea. The Trade Commission has already launched an investigation into further allegations. Local media reported that the proceeding concerns the lack of license fees for unlawfully used patents.

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