Project Loon will go to India

After the idea of ​​a Facebook called Basic Internet, aimed at providing free access to the network was blocked in India, a chance for themselves noticed Google concern. The American giant announced that it plans to enter the country with the Loon Project, which will provide access to the network using stratospheric balloons.

Although the states are expanding at a rapid pace, many of them have access to the internet still being a luxury. The construction of infrastructure is extremely expensive and it is not worthwhile to lay wires or build radio transmitters. That is why big companies have been working on air signaling for several years now.

Google X Labs are involved in the Loon Project, which aims to deliver radio signals through large balloons floating in the air for up to 100 days and equipped with the right equipment to keep them functioning.

So far, the technology has only been tested, but now the company plans to make it available to ordinary users and wants to join the Indian market. Rajan Anandan, vice president of Google’s Indian division, told journalists that his company is currently looking for a partner who would like to work with the American giant.

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