Professional SSD for filmmakers and photographers

Sony has just presented two models of high-speed SSDs belonging to the Sony G Series Professional.

480 and 960 GB capacity discs for photographers and filmmakers producing 4K resolution.

Recording movies at 4K resolution requires a very fast disc that can handle huge amounts of data. Normal HDDs are not suitable for this job because they are too slow. So Sony has created two new models of SSDs belonging to the G Series Professional family.

The 480 GB G-Series Professional SV-GS48 and the 960 GB G Series Professional SV-GS96 are designed primarily for 4K Ultra HD video recording. They provide not only fast data entry, but they are also very lively. The manufacturer declares that if the entire disk is full on average five times a week, it will last for at least 5 years. This is a smaller model, while the longer life is twice as long. In other words, for a 480 GB model we will save a total of 1200 TB, and on a larger 2400 TB data. Data read speed is 550 MB / s.

Designers also took into account the need to disconnect the drive frequently from the computer, so they fitted it with a much more durable SATA connector. The manufacturer claims that it can be inserted and removed from the computer at least 3,000 times before the connector refuses to obey.

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