PlayStation VR success surprised Sony

The latest VR sales results show that the most popular model is the PlayStation VR. The success of the device, which sold more than 900,000 units, surprised even the manufacturer himself.

So far it seemed that the VR goggles were a toy for rich gadgets and many thought that the hardware would not inspire enough interest to become a market hit. Devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are too expensive for the average player’s earnings and require heavy equipment.

The situation has dramatically changed the appearance of the PlayStation VR, the goggles developed by Sony engineers and created for the PlayStation 4 console. According to the latest data, the product of the Japanese giant, in just two months won 915 thousand customers. Although it bought less than 2 percent. All console owners, whose number is estimated at 53.4 million units, is definitely better than the competition.

The more popular Oculus Rift sold only 243,000 units, and HTC Vive attracted 420,000 people.

The PlayStation VR is probably the most successful, with a price tag of $ 499. For comparison, Oculus Rifta has to pay $ 599, and HTC Vive for $ 799. Even if you add $ 199 for a PlayStation 4 that you need to have to use the PlayStation VR, that’s better than the other goggles. Their user must have a very powerful PC.

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