Pirates pay more?

The pirates hated by the record companies turned out to be the best customers. Will this situation cause a drop in the prices of the discs?

People downloading illegal copies of music from the network spend 75% more on music than those who have only legally purchased CDs. Research by the Demos group in the United Kingdom has shown that pirates buy up to £ 77 a year worth of discs, while others remain only £ 44.

Good music will sell

The reasons are two. The more direct it is the possibility to listen to the CD before buying. After the cover hard to assess the quality of the new disc. The days of groups such as Led Zeppelin have ended, and albums have been perfected.

Today more and more CDs are a promoted single with two or three pretty good songs and a whole bunch of weak ones. It is not just music that is promoted on radio and music stations. That’s why the potential customer will think twice before buying a CD. When she sees her price she will think for a third time and she will probably give up. Meanwhile, the pirate has the opportunity to listen to the CD before buying and knows whether it is worth the money.

They could see groups like Radiohead and the Arctic Monkeys, which put music files online and asked fans to donate voluntarily. Thousands of people flocked to free music from Radiohead, and after some time it turned out that the average payment was $ 8. In the shop, the album cost exactly the same, but it’s just files…

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Time for changes?

Politicians and record companies need to understand that the way people use music has changed. Customers now expect lower prices and easier access to selected works, says Peter Bradwell of Demos. Did anyone finally notice that with the popularity of the internet, the approach to music is changing?

For a large group of people, the CD-carrier is a survivor. Her place over the years has taken over the MP3 files, which occupy about ten times less space than the original songs, so they can be downloaded from the web faster. Of course, this results in a slightly lower quality of the MP3 file than the original CD material, but convenience is more important in this case.

Convenience is more important

CDs are simply unwieldy. After buying a new album, I put a CD into the computer, make a copy, and put the disc on the shelf. I copied the files I can listen to on a computer, car and portable MP3 player. Just like me, there are millions of people, because the storage of files instead of whole discs is more convenient. They are easier to buy, they work everywhere (unless protected by special protection) and you can select individual tracks from the disc. Of course, the purchase can be made exactly at the time of release without going home.

Buying online is more convenient. This is the second reason pirates spend more on music. They have become accustomed to store it in the form of files, not the discs, so they have no resistance to paying for something so immaterial.

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Music on art

9 in 10 pirates bought at least one disc after its initial check, showing research by Music Programming Ltd. After the worldwide file-sharing market, the singles sales dropped. Internet users prefer to just buy single files instead of the entire album. The same research shows that the British are willing to pay for one track of 45 pence, which is just over 2 gold. It’s a reasonable price, because buying the album would cost you an ok. $ 5.

The physical media only has a collector’s value for some people. This is a good place for an autograph of your favorite artist, gathered at a concert. What is important, concerts are the main source of earnings for many artists. Muniek Staszczyk, the vocalist of the band admits that on every album “Love Love Love, The Very” earned a buck. At the store the album costs almost $ 12. If the fans claim that the price of such a CD is a thief, what is it to say to an artist earning one zloty from a fifty fan? It’s less than 2% of profit.

And if the plates were free?

More earns a sis at concerts. The price for our concerts is mobile – from 10 thousand zlotys for playing at small parties, 50 thousand for large ones. The average is 35-40 thousand – says the artist in an interview conducted by the Metro. Artists should reduce the price of CDs should be on hand. Lower prices are more CDs sold and more fans, and consequently more people at concerts and more tickets sold. Rather, we will not wait for discs distributed for free, in the form of promotions, but can we count on significant reductions?

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Pirates pay honestly

Publishers claim that they can not cut prices because they have to cover losses due to piracy. For the same reason, protections are introduced that hinder access to music only to people who have bought legitimate copies. Pirates, on the other hand, are not concerned about the DRM security issue, nor the division of DVD players into regions that prevent a US video from playing on a European player. Pirated versions have removed security features. All these nuisances affect only honest buyers. Also, the lack of influence resulting from piracy is covered from their pockets.

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