Pioneer’s technology will take care of the driver

Contemporary cars are already soaked with electronics to the roof, but it seems that this is not the last word of the manufacturer, as Pioneer has recently demonstrated a range of systems that will make driving fun and even nourish our nerves.

Already the new control system developed by the Japanese brand engineers, it is very impressive. The steering module can deliver only the buttons that are needed at the moment and the rest is simply hidden. This way it will be much easier to handle all the gadgets without being confused at all.

Another of the curiosities prepared for drivers are special sensors built into the seat that monitor the level of stress. In the event of an upset, they will start playing relaxing music, thereby lowering the pressure. And if that does not help, they will also begin to release a delicate scent that will help to relax. Of course, the latter function can be set manually by choosing a scent that fits into our mood.

Another novelty is the HUD system that works with the laser pedestrian detection system and LiDAR, which defines distance from other vehicles. All these elements will warn the driver against objects such as pedestrians in front of the car mask and too little distance to the cars preceding. The technology works with the car’s 3D audio kit, which will position potential threats with sounds. For example, if you reverse the car too close to an obstacle, then the sound will be heard behind. When on the right side the biker is approaching us, the right sound from the speakers will also be heard on the right side.

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