Pilots increasingly blinded by a laser

A few years ago in the United States there was a real plague of dazzling lasers of pilots coming to land. After a few FBI investigations and the arrest of a few perpetrators, it seemed that the situation was back to normal. However, it turns out that it is not in New Jersey and only one night there were 12 such incidents.

American pilots are again having trouble with thoughtless individuals who believe it is fun to drive portable laser pointers towards the cabin of landed planes. Fashion for such “fun” prevailed a few years ago, and it seemed that after a few arrests of perpetrators, no one would ever make such jokes again.

Not all of this has been reported and reported by the American media, but only one in New Jersey reported 12 laser-to-cockpit attacks. Fortunately, there was no catastrophe, but the FAA has already begun to investigate all cases. It is known that the incidents occurred when the machines were at an altitude of 900 to 2700 m, with five aircraft being for this reason redirected to other airports.

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