Pentagon accuses china of espionage

A few weeks ago it came to light that many US companies could have been spied on by Chinese hackers for years. Now, however, the Pentagon has for the first time made direct charges on this matter.

They were included in the annual report on cyber-espionage activity and this is the first official accusation of US spying on the United States. It can be read here that the burglaries were directed against both government units and companies, and appear to be directly linked to the Chinese army and government, with the aim of infiltration of industry and defense systems.

The report also highlighted the lack of transparency in the operations of the Chinese military and reported that spending on cyber-military operations could already exceed $ 114 billion.

China obviously refutes charges and claims that their installations have fallen victim to similar attacks. They also suggest joining forces with the US and finding a solution to this problem together. It is hard to believe in providing Chinese innocence, especially since the media recently reported that attacks on Western companies were being carried out from a Chinese-owned building.

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