Penalty for shooting a dron?

The American FAA has introduced new rules for drones flying over our heads. If someone tries to get rid of them with firearms, then they will be in serious trouble. Such action will be considered a federal offense, and this is at risk of very severe punishment.

Not everyone likes drones, and while government bodies are introducing legislation that defines areas where such machines can safely fly, their pilots do so by flying over private homes and creating a serious threat to life. This was the case with a pilot who had fled through a window a few days ago to one of the offices in Cape Town.

In the United States, where access to weapons is commonplace, a popular method of getting rid of intrusive robbers is to shoot them. Although this method is effective, but unfortunately too dangerous to tolerate it. The FAA has therefore prepared new regulations that recognize this as a federal offense.

Administrative officials explain that a droned shot can crash on the ground, causing property damage or bodily injury. This means that anyone who tries to shoot down a dron flying over his estate must face the possibility of being sent to jail for up to 20 years.

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