PayPal sued for charity action

The PayPal Platform has just launched a collective charity donation process.

The accused payment system is that only part of the money is transferred to the right organization.

PayPal is the most widely known online payment system used in eBay billing, as well as by many businesses as well as ordinary users. This is a quick and convenient method of paying for subscriptions for a variety of services, paying for goods purchased at auctions, etc.

For some time, PayPal is also running the Giving Fund, a platform that provides charitable donations. It was she who became a bone of contention, and because of that, she was brought to court by a corporate process. His contribution is that the money sent by Giving Fund does not go to the organizations for which they are intended.

PayPal boasts that last year the platform donated $ 7 billion worth of donations from millions of donors, but the authors claim that they actually received only a fraction of the money.

The filing includes the story of Terry Kass, an Illinois resident who donated $ 3,250 to 13 local and national charities last year through PayPala.

The woman at the time of transferring the money received from the email platform, in which she was promised that if she donates through the Giving Fund, then PayPal will pay 1 percent. Paid amount. The woman found a special PayPala site for each of the charities she planned to support and specifically made sure that that 100 percent. The money transferred will go to selected organizations.

After donating, one of the staff members of the legal aid clinic learned that the money she had donated never got there. She looked at the case and found that the money for 10 of the 13 organizations she donated through the Giving Fund was not registered.

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The PayPala spokesman issued a statement in which he confirmed that the company was aware of the suit and assessed its content.

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