Paris Apple Store robbed

The Paris Apple Store has been robbed on New Year’s Eve. Rabbits were armed and wounded one of the guards during the attack. As the police officers report, the thieves were perfectly prepared for the robbery, brought out hundreds of equipment from the store, loaded into the car and fled. The value of robbed electronics is estimated at one million euros.

Finding criminals will not be easy because they were masked during a robbery. They used the fact that on New Year’s Eve most of the cops were busy securing outdoor events.

Stores like the Apple Store are a delicious bite for thieves. They have hardware worth millions of dollars, compared to, for example, banks are much less secure, and stolen electronics is very easy to sell at online auctions.

The stolen shop is the beautiful Apple Opéra Store, which is located opposite the famous Parisian opera house, in the gallery you can find more pictures of this amazing facility.

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