Pandora Plus with new options

This week’s Pandora Plus service gives Internet radio fans more opportunity to listen to their favorite radio stations. The replacement service for Pandora One costs $ 5 a month. The company does not forget also the users using its service for free.

Services such as Apple Music and Spotify have dominated the music services market, but you can not forget that your favorite artists can also be heard on online radio stations. Access to them is provided by Pandora, which just launched a new service called Pandora Plus.

This is a paid service that is the successor to Pandora One, which for $ 5 a month offers its users more jumps, more repetitions, and a new offline listening experience for many customers.

News are not just for subscribers. For users who use the free version of the site, changes have also been made. These are new video ads, instead of the old radio, which give more jumps and replay of songs.

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