Intelligent Levi's jacket with Google Jacquard technology will soon be on sale

By the fall of this year, tech-savvy fans will be able to purchase a jacket developed jointly by Google and Levi’s. The product called Commuter, will be available for $ 350.

About two years ago, Google announced a partnership with Levi’s clothing company to create smart clothes with access to mobile devices. A prototype of a new jacket was shown, using the Jacquard technology developed by Google engineers to transform the material so that it recognizes gestures.

It has been suggested previously that the jacket will be on the market but has yet to be revealed when it can be expected and how much it will cost. We now know this because at SXSW 2017 it was confirmed that the clothes called Commuter, will appear in the sale in the fall and cost $ 350.

It’s an exorbitant amount for clothes, but Commuter is not just a jacket. The product blends with the smartphone with Bluetooth and then its holder, with gestures, can adjust the volume of music playback, enable navigation, or answer incoming calls.…

Attention to the new virus on Facebook

After Facebook, a dangerous virus circulates, which is spreading rapidly. It can lock your computer.

Did your friend mention you in the comment? Such notifications are a very useful feature of the largest social networking site, but it turns out that it can be used by criminals to infect malicious software.

The new threat exploits a vulnerability in the service that prompts the user to click on a notification sent to a maliciously crafted file that is being downloaded from the criminals. This, if launched, starts downloading and installing further malicious codes.

The infected computer publishes the hacked entries, comments, tagged victim’s friends, and sends malicious links to them in the message’s built-in instant messaging service. Of course, all this is to infect another victim.

Unfortunately, the Trojan may also download other types of malware, including ransomware, and thus the virus that encrypts the files on the victim’s hard drive and sends a ransom request to it.

Currently only 10 out of 55 antiviruses included in virustotal detect a malicious script.

I clicked on a crafted notification – what to do?

First of all, if you see a similar notification, or link posted by a friend warn him – the best way to communicate than through facebook (the virus can block the message you sent).

This is a risk for Windows users. If you have not run the downloaded file, you will not be harmed. If it is different, the service will advise to find and remove (after closing the browser!) Files:,, ekl.au3,, force.au3,,,,, sabit.au3 and up.au3.…

Crash dummies in the Orion capsule test

The Orion Crew will soon be transporting astronauts to the International Space Station and delivering them back to Earth. Landing is a particularly dangerous stage, so NASA wants to make sure that astronauts are safe. He then tests the capsule using crash mannequins.

Since NASA has completed the shuttle program, the astronauts on the International Space Station are delivered on board Russian missiles. For a space agency this is a big problem because it pays hundreds of millions of dollars for it, so for some time it is trying to become independent of the Russians.

This can be helped by the manned Orion capsule, which will deliver people to the ISS and pick up astronauts who have completed their mission. However, the capsule is so constructed that with its orbit returning, it falls into the ocean. The impact on the surface of the water can be strong and NASA wants to see if the forces at that time will not endanger the lives of the astronauts.

The agency checks the capsule, throwing it a full-size replica, with the dummies used by the automotive companies for crash tests aboard. Each such phantom is packed with very precise sensors that measure the overload as well as the forces acting on the entire structure of the capsule and how many of them are transferred to the astronaut’s seats.…

In two years there will be space-time sun-powered spacecraft

Scientists have for years been theorizing on space vehicles that could be powered by powerful sails catching the wind. It is possible that in two years it will be possible to realize such an idea.

Engineers from the 1980s founded the Planetary Society (founder of the famous astronomer Carl Sagan) to work on a small, unmanned, medium-size satellite that would be powered by a special sail catching the wind. A machine called LightSail would be launched in orbit on Falcon Heavy, owned by the SpaceX consortium, within two years.

LightSail is a compact size vehicle just 30 cm long, which would be sent to low orbit on which the Earth is circling the International Space Station. Within a few weeks of its completion, the machine would develop its sail on a 32 square meter surface, which would ensure its propulsion.

Of course, this would be an attempt to see if such a drive, according to scientists’ theories, could indeed be effective under real conditions. If it turns out that a solar sail can actually serve as a powerful propulsion for moving spaceships, then the path to exploration of our solar system and subsequent galaxies would be a hole in humanity.…

More and more problems with the new MacBook Pro

Apple products are increasingly causing problems for their users. It is no different with the new MacBook Pro. For a long list of defects, speakers may be damaged.

The MacBook Pro, recently introduced, has probably not been thoroughly tested before it hit the market, as the list of problems is getting longer and longer. New hardware owners are complaining about display problems because the screen flickers in an annoying way that makes it difficult to use the laptop.

A much more serious defect is related to speakers that may be physically damaged. The case concerns the Boot Camp software, which, according to the users, causes a very loud sound when you boot Windows from your laptop speakers. It has the maximum intensity regardless of its level, which can damage the speakers.…

Ocean clearing project under question

The Ocean Cleanup project, which was designed to clean the oceans from rubbish, was questioned. It turns out that the barrier to catch trash, is not strong enough to survive the strong wind and high waves. The originators, however, intend to continue testing.

Our seas and oceans are increasingly reminiscent of trash, and the growing level of pollution negatively affects the earth’s ecosystem. The researchers have developed a project called Ocean Cleanup, which aims to clean water from the waste that is there.

The idea is to build a long barrier that will filter the water, stopping impurities in it. The first test of the idea in June showed his serious weakness.

After just two months the 100 meter barrier installed near Denmark was destroyed. It was unable to withstand the pressure of high waves and strong winds blowing up to 45 knots. The inspection showed damage to the two air chambers, which caused the firewall to deform and reduce its effectiveness. The source of the problem turned out to be the harness of the berth to the seabed.

The barrier prototype will now be explored on the shore and designers will make the necessary adjustments to avoid such situations in the future.…

Super fast and responsive US Navy units

January 12, 2014 at the shipyard belonging to the Austal branch of Australian company Austal in Alabama baptized was the latest acquisition of the US fleet – USNS Fall River. This is the fourth of the ten ordered Spearhead transport catamarans.

Ships are at the moment the most modern US Navy transport units. They are not intended for combat operations but only for the rapid transport of soldiers and equipment.

Spearhead units can carry over 300 soldiers or 600 tons of cargo. The heart of the ship is four diesel engines, each with 9100 kW. They can accelerate the catamaran to a maximum of 43 knots (80 km / h), but usually does not move faster than 35 knots (65 km / h).

Austal USA received a $ 1.6 billion contract for the construction of ten such 100-meter units. Four of them have already been baptized, and the first of them in October 2013 passed all US Navy tests and was officially admitted to service. The company is also involved in the construction of Independence ships for the US Navy.…

Small satellites will help to explore our planet

NASA, during a recent press conference, has announced a completely new project to investigate climate change on our planet. The agency is planning to put in place a swarm of small satellites called CubeSats, which will also allow you to study weather patterns and provide many other useful information to scientists. The weather changes on Earth are very important to our lives. Knowing more about them, you will be better able to counter them.

The specially designed satellites will be used in the project, which are much smaller devices than typical telecommunication satellites. Their small size has many benefits as it will significantly reduce the cost of this project. They will also be used by non-NASA scientists who will be given the opportunity to conduct their own research.…

Acer announces new Windows Phone hardware

The Windows Phone platform is still not very well supported by mobile device manufacturers, even though Microsoft has cut licensing costs, and for some devices it’s free. So far, the conditions of the American concern have prompted Acer to plan for a whole new device next year.

Acer about three years ago had an episode with the Microsoft Phone system when it introduced the ebay smartphone W4 with Windows Phone 7.5. It was a model equipped with a small 3.6-inch screen and a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The manufacturer has installed a 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chip with an Adreno 205 graphics chip, as well as 8 GB of usable memory.

The platform was not as refined as it is now, so the device was not very popular. So the manufacturer has resigned from successive devices on this system, claiming that investing in it carries with it a high risk of failure. Now it seems that he changed his mind.

Recent reports suggest that for the first half of next year, Acer plans to launch a new Windows Phone smartphone. However, nothing is known about its technical specifications.…

Small size smartwatches make the batteries installed in them are not too big, which affects the time of their operation. LG Chem has developed a new type of battery that, thanks to its shape, offers up to 25 percent more capacity than standard batteries.

The new battery is specially designed for smartwatches, so its shape is hexagonal, so it can better fit it into the watch case and take advantage of any free space.

Currently manufactured batteries are rectangular or square, while smartwatches such as the Moto 360, LG G Watch R and Watch Urbane have round envelopes, leaving a lot of unused space around the battery. The LG battery uses it fully, of course for the benefit of the watch, as its capacity is up to 1/4 of that. Engineers say this should lengthen its working time by an additional four hours.…