P50ST60E, meaning “plasma is not dead”

Plasma TVs slowly but systematically lose market. Evidence for this does not have to be found in scientific publications, just visit any large surface TV. Most of them are exposed to plasma on the fingers of one hand, in others we will not see them at all. Are they so old that few people buy them? To test this, we decided to test a large 50-inch plasma at an affordable price. Here is the test of the Panasonic TX-P50ST60E.

In the Panasonica range of plasma TVs, the ST60 series is second to bottom, directly above the basic X60 (HD Ready) series. The ST60 includes the cheapest 3D Full HD models with 42 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch or 65 inch screens. Choice of diagonal in higher series (GT, VT, ZT) is not so big, which means the ST60 series is the backbone of Japan’s plasma TVs.

Unlike this year’s Panasonic Panasonicica DT60 and WT60 models, the TX-P50ST60E has a quiet, somewhat conservative look that will not be overly lavish, but rather will not excite the excitement. Conservative is also a pilot, though it may well, because ergonomics does not go hand in hand with the fashion television caprices. Probably because of the cost, the remote control keys have no backlight.

People who watch the LCD screen on a daily basis and encounter the first time with this plasma can experience a great shock. It is true that in the day of the plasma they are unlikely to compete with LEDs, but in the home theater situation is radically changing in their favor. Then it’s just a splendid, pitchy black and a huge contrast, achieved without gimmicks with dimmed backlight (whose plasma, as an emissive display, is not). In “True Cinema,” the black was so deep that it was beyond the measuring range of our colorimeter, which confirmed that in terms of black and contrast, the TX-P50ST60 does not have to be ashamed of any LED. You do not have to add that the ST60 is not at all affected by the clouding phenomenon, which is a nightmare for LCD / LED TVs.

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