Our phone is charged with ultrasound

Mobile wireless charging technologies have been around for some time now, but they are not very comfortable because we still have to use special mats that we plug into traditional power outlets. UBeam company is working on something much more interesting, namely loading equipment with ultrasound.

The idea used by uBeam is based on ultrasound technology. A special module is connected to the socket, which converts electrical energy into ultrasonic waves. These in turn are sent to a special receiver in the loaded device, which inverts the whole process and converts the ultra-sound back into energy.

The advantage of this solution is the complete lack of any wires, although such technology may also raise some concerns about the unexplained yet to worry about the influence of ultrasound on the human body. Although theoretically, the manufacturer should not have any negative effects, but for now we do not know if they will not appear after some time.

In any case, technology is gaining a lot of market interest and some well-known brands would like to invest in uBeam, counting on big profits in the future.

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