OnePlus One will order without invitation

OnePlus One is currently one of the most sought after smartphones on the market. The device is tempting with its low price and excellent technical specifications, so the demand for equipment is huge. OnePlus has limited production capabilities, so until now, the smartphone was only available with the invitation. This month it will change.

Although OnePlus One was officially released in April this year, the device has not been very popular yet. The reason for this is quite a strange sales strategy that does not allow you to freely buy the product to anyone willing. The potential buyer must have an invitation sent to him by another device owner and only then will he be able to become the owner of the new smartphone.

From October 27th to the next Monday, anyone who would like to order OnePlus One pre-sale will no longer have to wonder where to get the invitation because this obstacle will be removed.

For a balance there will be several new ones. The first is the sale regulation, so one consumer can order up to two copies of the phone. The second obstacle is the payment issue, which will be limited to PayPala only, so it can not be paid with a payment card. Even worse, the pre-sale will be limited and the window will only be available for 60 minutes, so you will need to hurry.

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