OnePlus One also undergoes bending test

The latest Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet has translated into the launch of smartphone manufacturers’ screenplays where they test their product quality. This time on the OnePlus One, so we can see how the control of one of the smartest smartphones in recent months looks like.

Apple’s slamming wants to use right now virtually any company competing with the American giant. For this reason, the network began to appear materials showing the process of testing the quality of selected devices of several companies. Of course, the initiative came from Samsung, who first decided to release the video from the Note 4 test. The idea was also picked up by people from OnePlus, who showed how the quality control of their smartphone One.

On the video we see several tests that a smartphone needs to go through in order to enter the market. The device is pressed 1000 times with the device weight of 25 kg. This is to simulate the user sitting on the smartphone. Then the design is dropped 40,000 times on the screen to check its strength. It also checks how the structure is made after falling from 1.2 m to the side, the edge and the main panel.

The OnePlus One is also tested for the strength of the USB connector and headphone jack. Simultaneous rain-like conditions are also simulated in which the device is exposed to water for 10 minutes. At the end, the device goes for 4 hours to a device that has a temperature of 55 degrees.

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