Ocean clearing project under question

The Ocean Cleanup project, which was designed to clean the oceans from rubbish, was questioned. It turns out that the barrier to catch trash, is not strong enough to survive the strong wind and high waves. The originators, however, intend to continue testing.

Our seas and oceans are increasingly reminiscent of trash, and the growing level of pollution negatively affects the earth’s ecosystem. The researchers have developed a project called Ocean Cleanup, which aims to clean water from the waste that is there.

The idea is to build a long barrier that will filter the water, stopping impurities in it. The first test of the idea in June showed his serious weakness.

After just two months the 100 meter barrier installed near Denmark was destroyed. It was unable to withstand the pressure of high waves and strong winds blowing up to 45 knots. The inspection showed damage to the two air chambers, which caused the firewall to deform and reduce its effectiveness. The source of the problem turned out to be the harness of the berth to the seabed.

The barrier prototype will now be explored on the shore and designers will make the necessary adjustments to avoid such situations in the future.

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