Notepad with erase function

Data in today’s times are extremely valuable, so they should be protected against falling into the hands of unauthorized persons. For information written on paper, this is a much easier process, but if you want to get rid of them quickly, you will need a notebook called Rocketbook Wave.

On paper you can write things, including important mathematical formulas that could change the world, sketches of groundbreaking inventions, In such cases, it is important to protect the information so as not to fall into the wrong hands, and if that can not be avoided, then it is important to have a quick way to destroy them.

An ordinary paper shredder will not help in any way, because even though theoretically shreds the document into small strips, there is software that will allow it to fold back and read easily the information it contains. Of course, you can burn paper, but it’s not the ideal solution as there is a risk that it will not burn down to the end.

If we want to make sure no one reads our notes, we need a gadget called Rocketbook Wave. It’s a paper notebook, but it’s a bit different from what we can buy in a first-rate paper shop. It was designed, because in such a way that when inserted into the microwave oven, it automatically erases information stored in it.

This is possible thanks to a special Pilot Frixon pen attached to a notepad, containing a thermochromic ink, which under the influence of heat becomes transparent.

Thanks to this, the gadget becomes a reusable notebook, because after saving all the cards, we can put it in the microwave and we have clean pages again. Of course, to avoid losing the information it contains, the notebook manufacturer provides a mobile application that allows you to take photos of each page and send them to the cloud.

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