Notebooks with Android and Atom processors for $ 200 on the way

One of Intel’s senior vice presidents – Dadi Perlmutter, has no illusions. This year, we expect Atom-powered laptops and Android-powered laptops to cost as little as $ 200.

Android is growing stronger year by year. Soon, the Google platform may well be on the market for laptops. One of Intel’s vice presidents, Dadi Perlmutter, said that this year’s low-cost Atom and Android tablet shipments will hit the market this year. The price of these machines is not to exceed $ 200. Perlmutter also added that cheap Windows 8 devices at a similar price are also possible, but it all depends on Microsoft and the license fees that will have to pay OEM partners. Thus, it is possible that in the case of window devices prices will be slightly higher than $ 200.

These devices are expected in the second half of this year, probably only in the autumn.

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