Notebook with increased immunity

The computer’s increased resistance, reinforced structure and seals will allow you to work comfortably in harsh environments where you have to deal with high humidity, low or high temperatures or dust.

Durabook SA14 is resistant to difficult conditions and damage. The Semi Rugged class is the manufacturer’s (Twinhead) designation for industrial and specialist computers. These devices are manufactured with high standards of resistance to adverse environmental conditions. The new Durabook SA14 is protected by a magnesium, sealed casing (ports I / protected by flaps) to protect against dust and splashing (IP53 certified). The notebook is also resistant to falling from a height of up to 90 cm (MIL-STD-810G). The computer operates at both 0 ° C and 50 ° C. Without fear, it can be left at rest, at lower and higher temperatures from -33 ° C to 71 ° C. Even air humidity up to 95% RH will not interfere with operation.

The screen has a 14 “diagonal and was made in TFT LCD technology, images are displayed at 1366×768 pixels. Optional is the screen to work in a very bright environment, such as in full sun – Sunlight brightness of 500 NITS. In addition, screens can be enhanced with a touch pad. For military applications Night Vision has been developed which uses special glasses to work with the backlight off. This makes the computer invisible to the outside observer.

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