Nokia plans its own phablet?

The Finnish company, despite the growing range of modern equipment, still can not regain its former market position. Maybe because there are still market segments in which there is no representative, but this may soon change.

Of course, devices are commonly called phablets, the most famous of which is the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is something that is an intermediate between smartphone and tablet. As the Galaxy Note sales show, such devices are gaining popularity among consumers, so Nokia could be able to benefit from this by launching its own phablet.

Officially, the company does not have plans to create such equipment, but according to media reports, it is already working on it. This is from a photo published in Chinese Sina Weibo, which shows a 6-inch screen panel and a very thin frame.

The photo looks to be taken at the factory, and this could mean that the panel production for Nokia’s new smartphone has just started. Sadly, the credibility of the photo has not been confirmed, so we do not know if it is real, or maybe just one of the prototypes.

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