Nintendo wants to design medical equipment

Nintendo has recently been making headlines in the videogame market as its products are gaining less and less customer interest. The Japanese corporation has decided to carry out a restructuring that will allow the company to better respond to changing market trends and to start operating in completely new fields.

About 10 years ago, Nintendo was a giant on the digital entertainment market and did not have to worry about the future, and investors’ growing incomes were growing. A number of erroneous decisions have made it clear that today only the shadow of the old power has remained, and the Japanese concern must now survive.

The company is forced to carry out a major restructuring to save it from bankruptcy. Restructuring involves not only staff redundancies, but also the designation of new goals to be achieved. One of them is to enter completely new areas for it, such as medical devices and computer software.

Of course, the main business profile, that is game production and consoles, will not change, but the company wants to explore new areas for it, hoping to increase revenue.

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