Nike shoes have earned millions for the fight against parkinsonism

The Mag shoes, based on the cult film “Back to the Future II”, created by Nike, earned millions for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Founded by an actor, the foundation funds the research on finding a drug for Parkinson’s disease.

Nike recently introduced Nike Mag shoes, based on the footwear worn by the hero of the cult comedy “Back to the Future II”. The product is intended to provide financial support to a foundation belonging to a lead role-maker looking for a drug for Parkinson’s disease, to which Michael J. Fox also suffers.

For this task the product has been excellent. The actor announced on Twitter that his footwear sales totaled $ 6.75 million. The money comes from two auctions organized in London and Hong Kong, which brought in $ 160,000. In addition, Nike has sold 650,000 lottery tickets in which 89 pairs of such shoes can be won.

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