Nigerian students have created a smartphone for the blind

Blind or blind users generally can not use smartphones equipped with touch screens. However, the four Nigerian students developed special software designed for devices with Windows Phone platform, which abolishes this barrier.

In the past, we’ve seen many projects designed to create a technology that allows smartphones to be used by the blind. All these devices, however, were not very functional, and above all expensive in production and complicated to use. But Nigerian students have created a more useful and convenient solution, and it is a special software.

The tool is called Humane and its authors are Victor Shoaga, Ayodele Obasegun, Oyatope Blessing and Otaru Babatunde, students of the engineering faculty of Obafemi Awolowo University. The application works with a special controller, which also allows the blind person to use the smartphone.

The application is not currently widely available and can only be downloaded on demand. Along with it, the user receives a special controller that connects to the phone via Bluetooth, through which the smartphone is supported. The controller is a very simple device with two joysticks and a button located in the central part. Joysticks are used to scroll text, while the button activates specific functions.

Thanks to the controller and voice assistant in Humane, a blind person can use various smartphone features, surf the web, play music, and check the time. The idea is much cheaper to implement from previous solutions, which can significantly increase its popularity.

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