Nexus 4 will not get all Android 5.0 features

While Nexus 4 has received Android 5.0 last month, smartphone users are not exactly happy about it. Not only do they have to deal with the technical issues that have arisen after the installation of the new system, but they also find that they can not use all the features they offer.

The advantage of the Nexus family is that they receive the first operating system updates. This was also the case for Android 5.0 Lollipop, which Nexus 4 users already got in November.

Unfortunately, installing a new system, instead of improving hardware functionality, has caused some problems. The biggest one concerns a dialer that does not function as it should. Its launch takes 3-4 seconds and these lags cause that the connection sometimes does not come to fruition.

This is not the only problem, as now it turns out that the owners of this smartphone can not use several of the features provided by the new operating system, and they are related to the new camera API. It lacks manual setting of its parameters as well as support for DNG. It can not be ruled out that the lack of these features is due to the hardware limitations of the Nexus 4 itself, which could mean that those owners of this smartphone will not be able to use them at all.

Interestingly, similar problems are also the Nexus 9 tablet, which also lacks several camera-related features, including support for DNG. Here, however, manual control of camera parameters is possible.

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