The next generation of consoles will appear faster than we expect

It seems that the life of individual generations of consoles is getting shorter and shorter. While both Sony and Microsoft ensure that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be on the market for at least 10 years, but apparently they are too optimistic and can not be ruled out that new models will hit the market much earlier.

Devinder Kumar, vice president and chief financial officer of AMD, believes that the new PlayStation and the next Xbox may already be designed by the respective teams at the Merrill Lynch Global Technology Conference.

He did not want to reveal any details, and asked by reporters why he believes he responded that the life cycle of the current consoles must be much shorter since the equipment before it hits the market is designed for several years, so already at the time of release is tight Outdated compared to modern computer technologies. Although closed architecture, the console gives them some benefits, but they are not big enough for the hardware to be able to offer the same level of performance for several good years.

You can not ignore the fact that the creation of the previous generation of consoles was extremely expensive, because it required the development of a suitable architecture, so manufacturers had to hold on to the market for years to pay the costs. For the current generation, the architecture that is already existing and running on personal computers is used, so new consoles will start to make more money sooner.

As they are closed, without expansion, power shortages will also be noticeable, and this will mean more frequent launches of newer models.

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