NexDock competing for Continuum

One of the features of Windows 10 is the Continuum, which makes some of the Windows Mobile 10 smartphones, with the help of a special docking station, can be transformed into a fully functional PC. A similar idea uses a device called NexDock, but it is definitely more functional.

Modern smartphones are already powerful enough that they could serve as laptops if they were to be equipped with a larger display and some convenient keyboard and mouse. This concept was used by Microsoft in Windows 10, which was equipped with the Continuum feature, which transforms a smartphone into a computer.

The same idea was used by NexDock developers, which is essentially the same as Continuum, but in a much more functional version. It’s basically a laptop case, equipped with a 14 “screen, a keyboard with trackpad, and a built-in 10,000 mAh battery.

There are also speakers and a set of ports, but no CPU. In this role, we can use Windows 10 smartphones and tablets as well as Raspberry Pi 3, Kangaroo PC and other small PCs enclosed in a pendrive-sized enclosure.

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