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Do you like to know what is happening in the country and in the world? Do you like to keep up with all the major events? If so, try the upday – a news application with which you will never miss the latest information on topics that interest you most.

News is not only so unpopular by many politicians. It’s also economic and economic news, sports, science and technology news, travel information, music lovers and much, much more. On the one hand, there is practically no person who can say that no new novel is of interest to them, and on the other hand, the flood of information that reaches us constantly is so great that sometimes it is difficult to pick out the ones that are actually for us. Interesting and important. Especially when they come from many different sources – web portals, thematic websites, news applications, blogs, etc. It would be much more convenient if all these sources could be combined to avoid unnecessary, tiresome and time-consuming jumping between portals, applications, blogs, and so on. All information from many different sources in one place – it’s a lot more convenient.

This information is not only dry facts. Very often this is also an opinion, setting the message in the right context. How important for readers is the viewpoint of the news author knows first and foremost those who are interested in politics. Center or leftist views rarely want to read news from the far right, and they certainly do not treat them as fully reliable – they will not be the source of the first choice. Similarly, the right-wing readers will not generally read the left-hand portals in the first place. It would be really good if you could choose from those gathered in one place the information you like and exclude those we do not particularly want to read.

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Someone is interested in politics and events in the world. Someone else would like to be kept up to date with economic information. Someone is fascinated by new technologies, and yet somebody is most curious about the latest news from the life of the stars.

A sieve could also be used to sift through all the messages that appear to receive only those that are really important and interesting to us.

And it would be best if all those messages were read first, picked the ones that really matter, and gave them to us as soon as possible. To have access to them earlier than others, but also not to receive unnecessarily mass news on the same topic from several different sources.

If all this was possible, would not it be right? Only that… it’s all there. The upday application has all the features we have written. It gathers news from many sources, but it also lets you decide where you want to receive information and which websites you want to disconnect. You can also very well determine the subject matter you are interested in so you will not be penalized for dozens of messages that do not matter to you. What is very important, the upday is not, like most similar applications, automatic message aggregator. The most important information that you will find in the Top News section is selected by the upday’s editorial board, so not only that all the important events you learn are the quickest – when something really important happens, your smartphone will come up with a hot news notification – A situation where several consecutive newsgroups receive the same subject matter comes from different sources.

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However, if you are afraid that you will be overwhelmed by the notifications, we can calm you down – it will not be. Notifications are sent only when the publication and the event it describes actually deserve the most attention. So if you like to be up to date, you should check yourself up to date and check the latest information, which in the application you will find quite a lot. And since its service is so easy that no one should have problems with it, it’s a pure pleasure to use.

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