New uses of combat lasers

BAE Systems is working on a new way to use combat lasers. Their new invention called LDAL, not only protects the soldiers from light attack, but also will help in an interview.

Military laboratories have been working on the use of lasers in the field for several years now. At present, the concept of using them as offensive weapons is being developed, but they can also have other uses. One of them is working with engineers from the BAE Systems armaments consortium who want to use lasers to create atmospheric lenses.

The technology called LDAL (Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens) uses lasers to temporarily ionize the atmosphere and thereby create a structure called the atmospheric lens. In the case of a laser weapon attack, such a lens would serve as a shield, reflecting the rays and protecting the soldiers. It could also protect planes and land bases from deadly gusts in the same way.

BAE Systems engineers, however, believe that this is not the end of new technology applications, and would like to use it also for reconnaissance. The atmospheric lens would serve as a magnifying glass, allowing a better view of enemy troops. She could also create miracles to deceive opponents’ forces looking for a target to hit.

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