New iphones have two accelerometers

After the arrival of new Apple phones on the network, rumors began circulating that their technical specifications were outdated. After several copies, however, it turns out that it is different and despite appearances the manufacturer has applied some interesting technical solutions.

Chipworks has deployed parts of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and noticed that two accelerometers have been installed on the phone, not only improving the functionality of the device, but also improving power management.

Components are provided by InvenSense and Bosch, both of which differ slightly from each other and offer different functionality. The InvenSense accelerometer is more sensitive, but uses more energy. In turn, the Bosch system runs much faster. So if your phone detects that you do not need the accuracy of the InvenSense accelerator, eg when you rotate the screen or start a pedometer, then it boots the Bosch circuit.

In this way, the phone will consume less power when it does not need more sensor sensitivity and will provide faster readiness for operation.

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